SmartLF SC 36 express color

SmartLF SC 36 express color scanner

The new SmartLF SC 36 large format scanner is ideal for Technical and CAD Drawing Offices, Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Facilities Management and Electronic Document Capture (EDC).  Using the new SuperSpeed USB3 digital interface and SingleSensor digital imaging makes this wide format scanner the best solution for general purpose Technical Imaging and Color Graphics for documents up to E-size or A0 format.

BROSUR  SmartLF SC 36 EXPRESS color (SC 36c)
Support Printer :
1.   HP Designjet T7100 (44inch) Monochrome
2.   HP Designjet T1300 (44inch)
3.   HP Designjet T1200 (44inch)
4.   HP Designjet T790 (44inch)
5.   HP Designjet T770 (44inch)
6.   HP Designjet T610 (44inch)
7.   HP Designjet 510 (42inch)
8.   HP Designjet 510 (24inch)
9.   HP Designjet 500 (42inch)
10. HP Designjet 500 (24inch)
11. HP Designjet 800
12. Designjet 1050
13. HP Designjet Z2100 (24inch)
14. HP Designjet Z2100 (44inch
15. HP Designjet Z3200 (24inch)
16. HP Designjet Z3200 (44inch)
17. HP Designjet Z5200 (44inch)
18. HP Designjet Z6100 (42inch)
19. HP Designjet Z6200 (44inch)
20. DLL (download full pdf)
Support 16 languages / bahasa :
Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English/US, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (BRA), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai

PC System Requirements (download)

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