SmartLF SC 36 color scanner

jual scanner A0 colortracSC36 murahSmartLF SC 36 color scanner A0 (SC 36c)

The SmartLF SC 36 is an addition to our expanding range of large format scanners that use our SingleSensor (Patent pending)digital imaging technology.  The Colortrac invention combines a full document width of individual contact image sensors (CIS) in a robust single-piece unit, enabling a significantly higher optical quality and dramatic increase in pixel alignment stability.

The SmartLF SC 36 scanner has 43,200 short image-path sensors that are illuminated by a custom designed bi-directional LED lighting arrangement that also provide “instant-on” low energy illumination making the SmartLF SC 36 Energy Star qualified.  Shadow effects in folds of creased documents are also reduced by the innovative active pressure roller that gently presses the document against the SingleSensor.  These features reduce optical errors to a minimum ensuring all scan and copy data is of the highest possible color and dimensional accuracy.   The scanner is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all relevant international safety and electrical standards.

Download BROSUR SmartLF SC 36 color (SC 36c)

Support Printer :
1.   HP Designjet T7100 (44inch) Monochrome
2.   HP Designjet T1300 (44inch)
3.   HP Designjet T1200 (44inch)
4.   HP Designjet T790 (44inch)
5.   HP Designjet T770 (44inch)
6.   HP Designjet T610 (44inch)
7.   HP Designjet 510 (42inch)
8.   HP Designjet 510 (24inch)
9.   HP Designjet 500 (42inch)
10. HP Designjet 500 (24inch)
11. HP Designjet 800
12. Designjet 1050
13. HP Designjet Z2100 (24inch)
14. HP Designjet Z2100 (44inch
15. HP Designjet Z3200 (24inch)
16. HP Designjet Z3200 (44inch)
17. HP Designjet Z5200 (44inch)
18. HP Designjet Z6100 (42inch)
19. HP Designjet Z6200 (44inch)
20. DLL (download full pdf)
Support 16 languages / bahasa :
Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English/US, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (BRA), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai

PC System Requirements (download)

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